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Main dimensions of factory buildings

The Serial Number Building Building Cranes
1 No.1 quay 500m*-10.8m 2 Shore Cranes, D5075×1,D50100×1
2 No.2 quay 576m*-10.8m 2 Shore Cranes,D50100×1,D5075×1
3 No.3 quay 895m*-10.8m 2 Shore Cranes, D5075×2
4 No.4 quay 450m*-10.8m 1 Shore Crane, D5075
5 West Quay 656m*-10.8m 2 Shore Cranes, D5075×2
6 East Quay 550m*-10.8m 1 Shore Cranes, D5075
No.1 Dock 3000,000DWT Dry-dock 420m*68m-14.6m 3 Tower Cranes,D5075×1,D50100×2
No.1 Dock 2000,000DWT Dry-dock 330m*58m-13.4m 1 Tower Crane, D5075(2 Crane share with No.1 Dock)

Fax of marketing Department:0411-66502818

Add:No.299,Guanghai Road,Changxingdao Economic Zone,Dalian,China(39°30'13 "N, 121°24'7" E)