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FPSO-10 Steel Plate Cutting Ceremony Successfully Held at DSICCX


  Today, the steel plate cutting ceremony for the UARU FPSO ERREA WITTU (FPSO-10) Topsides Module Fabrication Project was held at DSICCX Hull Workshop, marking the official start of the P10 Topsides Module Fabrication Project. Owner ExxonMobil Guyana and MODEC, ABS Classification Society and DSIC representatives attended the ceremony.

  During the ceremony, Mr. Zhang Kaifeng, General Manager of DSICCX, expressed his gratitude to the owners for their arrival, and stated that DSICCX will utilize its rich experience in offshore module construction and make every effort to ensure the smooth progress of the project。 DSIC Offshore Project Manager Mr. Han Yu express his expectation to this project. Subsequently, the representatives of the Owner ExxonMobil Guyana and MODEC made speeches respectively, showing their support for the Topsides Module Fabrication Project.



  At 11:18 a.m., the representatives of MODEC and DSICCX jointly started the pusher device and completed the steel plate cutting.


  It is reported that ERREA WITTU (FPSO-10) Topsides Module Fabrication Project is expected to be completed and delivered in early November 2024, which includes 2S+2C FWD Laydown, 8S+8C AFT Laydown and 9S Workshop total three Modules.

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