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The Kick-off Meeting for P10 UARU FPSO Module Fabrication Project Held Successfully


  Recently P10 UARU FPSO Module Fabrication Project held a kick-off meeting in DSICCX, which is the first project milestone and representing the official start of the project. The owner ExxonMobil, MODEC, and DSICCX all participated in this important meeting.

  During the meeting, both MODEC and DSICCX introduced the general situation of the project, including the construction target, construction content, construction period, and the recent key work arrangement. Meanwhile, during the presentation, the representatives also discussed the key concerns during the project implementation and together proposed corresponding solutions. In addition, both sides also had further discussions on the safety, environmental protection and quality of the project and put forward corresponding requirements.

  Finally, the General Manager of MODEC project expressed his thanks to all the participants and hoped that during the project phase, all the parties could closely cooperate and work together to achieve the goal and ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

  It is reported that the P10 UARU FPSO Module Fabrication Project, which includes the fabrication of three Topside Modules 2S, 8S and 9S for UARU FPSO, will officially start construction in December, with the total 11 months project schedule.

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